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Ado.net database Transactions

*ado.net supports to perform the following structure

  1. Query processing
  2. Non-query processing
  3. stored procedure/function handling

1. Query processing:

Retrieves the data from the database with “select statement”

2. Non-query processing

Doesn’t retrieve any data from the database .it insert/delete/updates the data at the database. It is of 6 types.

1. Insertion 2.deletion 3.updation 4.creation tables

5. Droping tables 6.altering a table.

3. Stored procedure /function handling:

Executes a stored procedure/a stored function that is already created at backend.

Ado.net library:

Ado.net offers some library (in the form of namespaces), in order to interact with the database data.

*the ado.net library is available in the form of namespaces

*API: system. Data;

*in order to perform different database transactions, ado.net offers different classes

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