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SEO Tips and Tricks for WordPress Blog for Fast-Growing

In this, the lesson we will discuss SEO tips and tricks for WordPress blog for fast-growing these tips will help to increase your traffic I made this all tips after long time research and I studied lots of web site and tutorials

Before going to discuss Seo tips and tricks first we will see some of the important things for choosing the domain and host platform

  • Choose the best Domain Keyword
  • Host your blog or website in the best platform

Choose the best Domain Keyword

First, you will choose the best domain keyword (this keyword should be related to your article ) by using Google Trends it will help you how users are mostly searching in present trends on the web. a domain name should be a short name and it should be an easy way to finding for all users

Host your blog or website in the best platform

After choosing the domain name you will choose the best platform for hosting your blog or web site here best means according to your site traffic and which configuration on your hosting and how many users request are it will support these things are important

We have a different type of hostings like Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting for details about this follow this Link Topmost best Hosting platform for you blog or website

SEO Tips and Tricks for WordPress blog or website

  1. Content
  2. Marketing your Blog on best social platforms
  3. Post your article with multiple users
  4. Choose a good theme for blog or web site
  5. Attractive logo and images easy to recognizable
  6. On-page and off-page optimation
  7. building backlinks
  8. Choose the Best present trend keywords (Titles )
  9. Use Google Analytics for tracking your site
  10. provide free resources for users


The main important thing is fresh content it will give good results. content should be a minimum 600 to 1000 words and try to avoid them to write more lines in the paragraph

How to write the best content for blog tips and tricks see this link for writing the best way to content implementation

© Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Marketing your Blog on best social platforms

If you have good content in your blog people don’t know about your blog so that digital marking is the second very important thing we have so many social platforms are available for promoting your content like youtube, Facebook, Linkedin, Google Ads

Target your keywords and put the ads in your social platform you will follow this link for how to market your content in a social platform

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Post your articles with multiple users

Google will ranks your blog with so many factors like content, views, backlinks, domain authority, referring domains, blog comment sections, fresh content, and multiple guests, users postings …..etc

So in your blog, if you have multiple categories you will post articles with Guest Posts or multiple users this will help you to increase your google rank

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Choose good theme for blog or web site

You should maintain your template look like simply GUI once users enter into user blog they will feel good this will increase your bookmarks and, subscriptions

In WordPress, you have a lot of templates are available we will discuss next article top most important templates

Image by 200 Degrees from Pixabay

Attractive logo and images easy to recognizable

This tip is not much more important but you should be designed your logo (logo maker)according to Your Domain Keyword and create an image according to your article with plain design format this will help to increase the users reading without disturbance

Image by David Zydd from Pixabay

On-page and off-page optimation

one-page and off-page optimization are very important in the SEO section to see the following given important points. the best plugin for WordPress bloggers Yoast

  • Choosing the best keywords (Page titles)
  • Meta Tags, Meta Description, alt tile on image, Tags (On a page )
  • Building a Quality Backlinks (referring good authority sites)
  • Maintaining the title keyword in page (keyword density )
  • Internal links and external links (no-follow,do-follow links)
  • Avoid Completely duplicate content (fresh new content )

the above all points are very important in page optimization

Building backlinks

the backlinks are very important in google ranking Google will rank your site depending on traffic from referring domains also you should be built quality links for that you will post some guest article in some other sites

these backlinks are majorly two types like do-follow and no-follow compared to no-follow do-follow links will give the best rank

Choose the Best present trend keywords (Titles )

you will choose the best trend searching keywords this will increase your traffic and we have a lot of keyword searching tools are available .now days these tools are high expansive so that you will use google trends

follow this link and try to search your keyword

Use Google Analytics for tracking your site

use google analytics this best way to track your site like how many users are interested in your site, trend, locations, real-time active users, page views ..etc

Avoid Completely duplicate content

for more traffic, you should maintain fresh and good content and don’t copy-paste from another site this will cause your site .you will use the following given site for duplicate content checker

Provide free resources for users

your blog or site should subscribe form and you will provide free templates, projects, documentation, books, music, images,videos..etc this will increase your traffic

thanks for reading..

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