Setup Angular 8 in visual studio 2019

Updated : May 26, 2020 in Angular

Setup Angular 8 in visual studio 2019

we will see how to set up angular 8 in visual studio 2019 step by step

Angular 8 Environment Setup Prerequisite:

  • Install Visual Studio 2019 Link
  • Download NodeJS Link
  • Install Typescript Link
  • Angular CLI 8.3.1 Link

Install visual studio

Go through the above link download the visual studio 2019 and install it on your computer. This is a simple Startup project for creating a .Net core 2.2 application with Angular 8 CLI.

Download NodeJS

Download the nodejs form the given above link and installed it .you will check you are running the latest Node.js version 8.x and npm version 8.x by using following commands( node -v and npm -v)

node -v and npm -v

Install Angular 8 CLI through command

to run the following given command line for angular 8 CLI ” npm install -g @angular/cli ” once the installation is done you will verify the version by using this command ” ng — version [Typescript] —” or

angular 8 Cli installation
angular 8 Cli installation

Install typescript : download typescript latest version by using this link and check the version by using given command Line “tsc -v

Setup Angular 8  in visual studio 2019
Setup Angular 8  in visual studio 2019

Step is done.thanks

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