What is CTS (Common Type System) in .Net

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What is CTS (Common Type System) in .Net

We know that .net supports 63 plus in managed code execution among this 63 plus every programming language as its own data type system.

CTS (Common Type System) standardizes the data types for all programming languages in.Net, we can write code in any language. simply it will provide cross-platform language compatibility.CTS will work under CLR

If we consider C# & Vb plus we create an integer variable like

C#:                           Vb

Int a;                    dim a as integer

Through every plus has its own data type system. one plus can’t understand other programming language data types.

But plus data type is commonly run by the CLR. This is because CLR doesn’t form or can’t understand any of the 63 plus data types. Rather CLR has its own data type system for MSIL.

All the plus data type is converted into CLR’s data type by the language compiler.

What is CTS (Common Type System) in .Net
What is CTS (Common Type System) in .Net

Here c# compiler will compile its int type to int32 of CLR similarly vb compiler also will compile its integer to int32 of CLR. So CLR is understanding its own data type system i.e. int 32.

All the structures and classes available in CTS are common for all .NET Languages.

This data type system of CLR is common for all the 63 plus supported by document so that is divided into 2 Categories.

This CTS of CLR is divided into 2 Categories.

1. Value type.  2. Reference type.

1. Boxing.          2. unboxing.

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