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Updated : Oct 02, 2020 in Articles

What is Platform dependency and platform independency

Intraduction :

To understand the platform, platform dependency & independence to execute the code in different languages like Cabal, Pascal, C, C++, etc.

In these programming languages source code is compiled by the language compiler, native code is generated and finally, code is executed by the OS.

What is Platform dependency and platform independency

At the time of compiling source code, any languages compiler will consider always two factors.

  1. Processor architecture.
  2. OS system architecture.


The platform is the combination of processor architecture &operating system architecture.

Platform dependency:

Code generated by language compilation doesn’t run on a different processor and different OS then will have been compiling this is known as platform dependency.

Platform Independent:

If the code generated by language compiler compilation run on any processor and in any OS then with compiled is known as platform-independent.

In Microsoft TechKnowledgies Asp.net MVC framework applications only work in windows, it will never work on Linux. Asp.net core applications are work on any platform like Windows, Mac, Linux.

.Net Framework Applications is not pure platform Independent.

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